Friday, May 1, 2009

Sorry Gentlemen!

Okay, I've gotta do son, James and my nephew, Ben, were born 8 days apart. James turned 14 last week and Ben's birthday is today. Happy Birthday, Ben...don't hate me for this :-) Although Ben is a bit younger than James, he was always so much bigger...and far more "advanced". I remember being so proud, when James was 2 or so, and he had just started putting together two word phrases: "big ball", "want juice", etc. Right around that time, James' dad and I took a trip down to Tupelo, MS to visit my sister and her family. Shortly after our arrival, we were watching the kids play in the driveway, and "Macarena" came on the radio. I started bopping around and Ben (remember: he is 8 days younger than my boy) looks at me and says, with perfect articulation: "You really like that song, huh, Aunt Kim?" So much for stringing two words together! Stop by my sister's blog, Savannah Gourmet...Ben is now a solid 8" taller than James and, I'm sure, has a vocabulary that would put him/ me to shame :-)


  1. What a cute picture..These kids just grow up to quick..I remember when Andrew started talking, he would always make me laugh..He mispronounced everything...

  2. hahaha,... it's all coming back to me now! i would never have remembered that - you crack me up - ben will kill you if he sees this picture - i won't tell him! love to c. & j. (and you!!!)