Friday, February 20, 2009

More Monica Goodies!

I will, undoubtedly, be inundating my blog with posts that refer to...or are primarily featuring...all of the amazing goodies from my friend, Monica. The plethora of treasures she sent me is overwhelming and I am still discovering hidden surprises! Everything she sent me is still sitting on my dresser, en masse. I can't make myself put things away just yet. It's a bit like Christmas morning: when you start the clean-up process, it's an indicator that the gift giving has reached an end.
I wanted to share my absolute favorite thing she sent me, a handpainted china bell. Ever since I fell in love with the movie "It's a Wonderful Life", I have a sweet soft spot for bells ("Teacher says 'every time a bell rings', Daddy, 'an angel is getting his wings'."). Again, this is something Monica did not know about me, yet she gifted me something I shall treasure always! Monica painted the most beautiful, intricate peach & lavender flowers on this particular bell. Since I have not an ounce of traditional artistic talent (painting, drawing, etc.), I am perpetually astounded by people who are talented in this arena. Monica is absolutely one of those fortunate people.
The bell is sitting right next to my computer, so I can gaze at it often. Every so often, I pick it up and give it a tiny shake...just in case Zuzu was right about ringing bells!

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  1. I had no idea of doing such a pleasant thing for you! So glad I included that bell!
    Monica x.