Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh Happy Day!!!

I had to run to my local thrift shop, this afternoon, to drop off several bags of clothes. While I was there, I, naturally, had to take a quick peek around. As the ladies were gratefully beginning to sort through my donations, I spotted a gorgeous dressing table and bench by the door. Since I really didn't have room, in my house, for one more piece of furniture (not to mention the fact, that I need to be mindful of my budget, until I find a job), I wasn't even going to take a close look or ask the price. I looked around a bit and found a pretty topiary and a cute lamp and was ready to pay for my finds....curiosity got the better of me and I had to inquire about the dressing table. With a perplexing sigh of exasperation, the woman who runs the shop explained that it had just been dropped off and they had nowhere to put it. Hopefully, I asked what she was going to ask for it. She looked around, at the already crowded shop, and told me....since I was such a "generous patron of the shop"...I could have both pieces. "Have" in free, no charge, zero damage to my bank account!!! As quickly as possible, before she came to her senses, I snatched up the dressing table and bench and loaded them into the back of my car. The fabric on the bench is a little torn at the seam, which is an easy mend, but I may just make a new cover for the cushion. Although I love the fabric, I'm not a big fan of the "matchy-matchy" look. When I got home, I realized it should work beautifully as a computer table: it has storage drawers under the skirt, as well as room for my printer! I will give it a try and, I'm sure, will be posting an update shortly :-)


  1. Amazing was 'meant' for you to have this pretty dressing table:)

  2. Oh how exciting! I can't wait to see the dressing table in it's new home functioning as a computer desk. What a creative idea!