Friday, February 20, 2009

Playing with Pictures

Normally, I am very persistent when facing challenges, but I am on the brink of surrendering to, what is clearly, an inability to take decent pictures. In spite of my cute, new camera and the discovery of the Photobucket editing program, the pictures that land up on my computer monitor do not come close to those I've captured in my mind's eye. I will, for at least a bit longer, plug along and hope that I have one of those "AHA!" moments when everything "clicks". In the meantime, I trust that your wonderfully creative imaginations somehow transform my awkward attempts into something lovely. I was pouring through older pictures of my children and decided, perhaps, they (the pictures, not my beautiful kids) would look better in a collage. Worth a try!
***Lest it appear that I favor my daughter over my son, I offer this disclaimer: he has made it perfectly clear that he wants no part in my blog and has "forbidden" me from mentioning him. Does he forget that I brought him into this world..... My daughter, on the other hand, would happily star in each and every posting!


  1. i love the collage!!! it's so much fun fun to see your pictures!

  2. This collage is beautiful! Your girl is a cutie!