Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blog Inspirations

On a daily basis, I'm amazed at the impact this community is having on my life: in both significant and not-so-significant ways :-) For example, one of the bloggers I follow (and I can't, for the life of me, remember who it is at the moment), has featured unique decorating ideas with cloche(s???) she has collected. Before I began blogging, I couldn't tell you what a cloche was...let alone what would do/ use it for. Today, I had to drop off some clothing at Sally's (a.k.a. Salvation Army), so I took a few minutes to peruse their housewares section. Lo and behold, what should I come across, but a small cloche. It was sitting alone, but for $.50, I figured I must have a stand/ plate upon which to rest it. I did and one of the lovely roses, from my swap with Monica, is the perfect trinket to display inside. It looks very pretty perched on a vintage lace tablecloth from my mom, surrounded by black & white family photographs.

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