Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cozy Cupboard

Early yesterday afternoon, I took a quick run over to my friend, Melody's, fabulous antique consignment shop. It's been a while since I've visited with her and the shop is one of those places I gravitate toward when I need a little pick-me-up. Mel had gotten some terrific new things in and was trying to find room in her cozy retail space. One of the things she no longer had need for was this terrific cupboard, with oodles of compartments, so I took it off her hands for a song! A few months ago, I had bought 5 rolls of beautiful black & white drawer liner paper (on the clearance rack, at T J Max, for $1/ each) and decided I would line the back of each compartment with the paper. Of course, I couldn't stop there once I saw how great it looked. I did the sides of the piece as well and was so pleased with the final outcome. Picture #1 shows the beginning, picture #2 shows the finished project and picture #3 shows...WAIT...#3 looks the same as #1??? How can that be? Well, for some unknown reason, the wallpaper paste didn't hold the paper to the cabinet. One by one, the squares I had painstakingly measured, cut & pasted in each cubby, began to peel off. So, for now, this piece stays "as is". UGH!
***I apologize for the eye strain the color of the (above) font may have caused. As soon as I published the post, I realized it was too light. I spent 1/2 hour trying to change the color, but I must be experiencing the return of the Blogger poltergeist. I tried, every way I could think of, to switch it and have finally given up. I'll steer clear of that lovely aqua blue from now on!


  1. ok, your new name is definitely MARTHA!!! nice going - when can you come to savannah to make my house pretty???

  2. WOW Kimberly! It is terrific! Well, I hope you will use a 'proper' vinyl glue to attach squares, next time!xx

  3. Blogger drives me nuts at times, absolutely NUTS! That cupboard looks to have great potential. Loved the look of it.