Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Proper Tea Party

More significance of the teapot from Monica:
My former boss got me hooked on collecting porcelain teacups, several years ago. Even for a Brit, her collection is vast and highly impressive. She gave me my first pieces: a gorgeous, vintage Aynsley cup & saucer. Slowly, I have been adding to my collection.
My daughter, who typically has no interest in "girly" things, has recently been begging me to have a proper tea party. We were all set to do so one day, but she called an abrupt halt and pointed out that I didn't have a "proper" teapot with which to have our soiree. Such a stickler for details, she refused to go forth until we had all of the necessary components.
Tonight, we were able to have our first Mommy/ daughter tea party, thanks to Monica! I only wish she could have joined us. I'm certain our fancy British accents would have tickled her to no end. The white bits you see, peaking out from under the teapot, is a "doily" my daughter made and insisted we use: a paper snowflake cut-out, actually. Clever girl!


  1. Thank you for so honestly sharing your heart with me commenting about my post speaking to your heart. It encourages me, because what I write is always for myself fact, it is usually what the Lord is speaking to my heart.

  2. Sweet girl! She did a great job with the 'doily'!! So glad you finally had a 'proper' tea party with my teapot, I wish I could live closer...
    Hugs to you both,
    Monica x.

  3. Oh, I missed that!!!
    ... Where scones and cucumbers sandwiches are, girls??????????
    Monica x.