Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Use What You Have...Love What You Use

I hope Nancy (Fete et Fleur) doesn't mind that I borrowed her post title from a few days ago, with an addendum. Her post reminded me to be creative with some of the lovely treasures I have hidden away because they aren't items I would use on a daily basis. If I love them, though, why should they be tucked in a drawer and brought out only once or twice a year. She inspired me to 1.) do a bit of digging/ organizing and 2.) think outside the box for ways to display various pieces. Thank you Nancy!
My digging also made me realize how many beautiful trinkets I have, that simply go unnoticed...because they've become part of the scenery. It's kind of like the background noise, of the t.v....right now that would be "SpongeBob SquarePants" and my kids left for school 1/2 hour ago :-)
There I go...off on another tangent. Nancy's post prompted me to practice my photography skills on some of my most loved treasures. My Nana used to collect Rose Medallion, Chinese porcelain. Growing up, I never paid much attention to anything my Nana collected, as it was all so "old". Fortunately, when she passed away, my mom dividing up some of Nana's Rose Medallion pieces and put it away for my sister-in-law and myself. After my former boss started my collection of (mostly English) porcelain, my mom gave me the Rose Medallion. I have since added bits and pieces, to the family heirlooms, and they are all housed in a corner cupboard I found, abandoned on the side of the road. After adding some side moulding & corner pieces and repainting the cupboard, it was the perfect place for my Rose Medallion!


  1. i love the rose medallion - it's so pretty - and i love your new header, too! everything looks great!!! i knew you'd be a rockin' blogger!

  2. Can't believe you found that GORGEOUS cupboard abandoned on the road!!!!!!!!!! Oh my, it's TERRRIFIC! You did a great job with it!
    Love the Rose Medallion!
    Monica x.

  3. And WOW WOW WOW! Absolutely love your new header!
    Monica xo.

  4. I love the header too, ladies, but...try as I might...I just can't get it to center properly. Oh well, that suits me as I'm a little off-center as well :-) Thanks to my two biggest cheerleaders!