Sunday, February 22, 2009

Your Couture

I love Audrey Hepburn. It's that simple...I just love her! Her classic, yet unconventional beauty...her timeless grace...her quirky mannerisms...she just fascinates me. When I worked at "the shop", I would continually use Ms. Hepburn's style as an example of the basic foundation of a "good" wardrobe. Get back to the basics and work from there: a pair of black slacks (capris, wide-leg, Bermuda shorts...whatever suits your fancy & body type) paired with a black top (turtleneck, blouse, short-sleeved, tank). From there, anything goes in putting together a look that works for you.
~ballet flats & pearls...and you're off to a P.T.O. meeting.
~a chunky, brightly colored beaded necklace, an over-sized straw tote bag & a pair of funky sandals...lunch/ shopping with the girls.
~classic, black pumps, a tailored jacket & a lovely silk scarf...a day at the office or an important interview.
~the highest heels you dare to wear, huge dangle earrings, bright red lipstick & a handbag with a bit of bling...a night on the town.
~rhinestone accessories, a silver evening bag & strappy sandals...the company Christmas party.
~a baseball cap & comfy mom with a touch of class!
It's all about 1.) knowing your body & choosing clothes that fit properly, 2.) accepting your body as it is...not as it was (back in 1986) or how you wish it would be (after you "commit" to the fad diet du jour, 3.)building a wardrobe based on simple, classic foundation pieces (preferably ones that won't go in and & out of style by next year) and....4.) accessorizing! This is where your personality comes shining through. You don't have to spend a lot to completely change the look of a basic ensemble. Get creative...fasten a pair of vintage clip-on earrings to a pair of flats, use your favorite pin/ earring to hold a scarf in place, tie a silk scarf to the strap of your simple, black handbag, transform a brooch into a pendant by popping it on a simple gold/ silver chain. Have fun and think Audrey :-)
***"Your Couture" is the name of my small business that was an off-shoot of my experience working in retail. I go into women's home and help them sort through/ purge their existing wardrobes. From there, we work with what they have to rebuild & revamp.

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  1. Kimberly, that's DIVINE! Your collage, Audrey Hepburn, your business... Thanks for sharing such great advice with us!
    It would be a fabulous idea for bloggers to post about their MUSTs ...:) You could host a party...!
    Monica xo.