Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Feelin' the (Blog) Love

To quote my teenage son: "You guys ROCK!". I needed to take a moment to thank you all, again, for the sweet messages/ emails you have sent me. General update on my dad: the doctors appear to have reached a conclusive diagnosis and decided on a definitive course of action...PHEW! It is NOT life-threatening, so he will (God willing) soon be on the road to recovery and back to his wonderfully perky self. WOOHOO!
I've been blessed to have made yet another fantastic "blog friend", Sharon. I stumbled across her blog, via Lynn's, and she is an amazingly talented....and I do mean artisan! After exchanging emails over the last few days, we had the opportunity to chat on the phone. Just as Lynn described, referring to her immediate connection with Sharon at the craft store, we gabbed away like two old school chums until she had to go make supper. Good thing because I need to finish up yet another revision of my resume :-) I have to admit, I had a moment's hesitation about "going public" with Sharon's creations because I know what a hit she will be with you ladies. That said, it's just not right for me to secretly covet her treasures. So, when you have a few minutes....go for a visit!


  1. I am soooo happy to hear about your Dad! =)

    And I went over to Sharon's... OH MY GOSH! Her jewelry is out of this world-gorgeous!

  2. I warned Sharon, by the way, that: once she got "discovered", she'd better hold onto her hat and be ready to bead her beautiful heart out:-)

  3. Oh Kimberly, that is wonderful about your Dad!

    Isn't Sharon the sweetest??? Wait, just WAIT until you see her gorgeous jewels in REAL LIFE~~you just won't believe it!! This blogging thingy is just so wonderful, isn't it? LOVE. IT!!!

    Hugs to you, sweet Kimberly!