Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Leftover Coffee is My Friend

First and foremost, thank you ALL for the prayers and support r.e. my dad's health issues. It has helped more than you can imagine! I have a tendency, when life throws me a challenge, to keep a smile on my face so as not to burden others with my problems. The result is, I leave myself running around in my own head: which is one playground I should not be hanging out at, without a chaperone! A very wise friend often says: "A problem shared, is a problem halved". So true! Okay, back to coffee. Heidi has me on a roll with coffee left-over projects. While I was cleaning out my basement, last weekend, I came across boxes & boxes of blown eggs. I called my landlord to see if he wanted them for his kids (Easter projects). He laughed and told me his late Aunt Peg, in whose home I am living, would spend hours blowing out eggs from the farm, but (to his knowledge) she never did anything with them. Since my landlord still has easy access to all of the eggs he could ever use, courtesy of his 100+ chickens, he advised me to "toss them...they've probably been sitting down there for the last 15 years". Toss them, indeed! Into a bowl they went, with my left-over coffee (I really didn't need any more caffeine anyway) and they're now having a lovely bath du cafe! Because of their age, I think, some of them are turning a yummy speckled caramel, while others are transforming with a marbled pattern. I just love this kind of fun, (virtually) free project! I'd love to hear if you have any other uses for left-over coffee or similar projects!


  1. what a great idea! i'll be checking back to see if any of your readers have some more coffee fun! lol - i know what you mean of tiring of attaching all the flowers, that's why mine took weeks!

    hugs to you, and sweet thoughts for your dad.

    xo heidi

  2. I use leftover coffee to age paper, tags and fabric too... they might be useful for some project when I don't have time to do this 'treatment'!!
    I have posted a tutorial of how aging paper with coffee... I think it was a January 2009 post...
    Can't wait to see your eggs!!
    Monica xo.

  3. how about making an easter egg tree? you could do it outside on a real tree, or inside on branches ~

  4. What a great Idea... I've just used coffee for paper, tags, and fabric also.... I can't wait to see me photo's.
    Hope your doing okay...I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the lovely butterflies.. I will treasure them forever....