Sunday, March 8, 2009

Meanwhile, Down in the Crypt

And, while Sammy was soaking up some rays, what was the Mom doing? Well, let's just say I was not basking in the sun, pondering the meaning of....mice. I spent much of the day down in the basement: organizing, purging & hoping the creepy crawlies were still hibernating! I got most of the bins labelled and put in their proper place. The garage is next, but I'm going to need a dumpster for that task!
***I did take pictures of the garage, but the mess is just too gruesome to post. I think I'll wait and do a before & after post :-)


  1. I wish my basement was as clean as yours.It looks so clean. Mine is a MESS!! My husband says: "It looks like a store, I should just open the door and let people shop around!" I am so unorganized, I need a class on how to become organized....I hate creepy crawlers too.....

  2. Well, I think I'd need more order, too!
    Your basement looks so organized! I do have to 'start' my wardrobe, but you know how these things go... ;)